Busting the 10 Common Myths About Invisalign Treatment

Invisalign got famous amongst young teens and adults right after its launch in the mid-90s. It is convenient and discreet, unlike traditional braces. But doubts and rumors started spreading about how long Invisalign takes people with Invisalign face speech problems, etc. It’s time to separate facts about Invisalign from fiction.

Let’s debunk the 10 common myths about Invisalign treatment:-

Invisalign can be customized according to the patient’s bitesize. So there is no valid reason to believe that Invisalign can’t treat misalignment. It can successfully treat an open bite, overcrowded teeth, underbite , overbite, crossbite, and other bite-related issues.

DIY aligners can cause harm to bones and teeth as they do movements quickly with DIY aligners. People with Invisalign can swear by its accuracy of treatment. But same is not the case with DIY. It can shift your teeth to incorrect positions, leading to further misalignment.

Another baseless myth is that Invisalign costs more than braces. You will be surprised to know that sometimes Invisalign can be less expensive in comparison to metal braces. It requires fewer visits to the orthodontist, indirectly saving your time and money.

There are various advertisements on TV and the internet about ordering Invisalign online. But it’s not possible. One of the essential facts about Invisalign is that it needs to be custom-made according to your teeth and jaw. You need to visit an orthodontist to fit Invisalign and regular check-ups afterward.

This was the case 10 years ago when the Invisalign treatment technology was in the growing stage. Like every invention, it has become better and has broadened its range with time. Many kinds of bite issues can be treated with Invisalign now for all age groups.

It is convenient to maintain oral care with Invisalign in comparison to traditional braces. Because you can clean your teeth after removing the aligners. But that doesn’t mean you don’t need to maintain oral hygiene.

This is not entirely untrue. Generally, braces take 2 years, and Invisalign only takes 12-18 months. But how long will Invisalign take to treat will depend upon other factors also. It depends on if you are wearing your aligners for at least 20-22 hours or not. And your severity of misalignment also decides your treatment time.

There is as such no age limit for the Invisalign treatment. A patient as young as 14 years of age can take the Invisalign. But the patient should be mentally prepared to wear Aligners for 20-22 hours. And cleaning teeth before every time they wear it again.

It is only an initial side effect of Invisalign. You sometimes lisp when you start wearing Invisalign. Lisping will go away faster if you talk more and more while wearing aligners.

As explained earlier, Invisalign treatment has progressed with time. The Orthodontists who were quick and interested in adopting the new learnings know better. These orthodontists can treat any age group with Invisalign.

    • Invisalign Treatment Doesn’t Work for Misalignments
    • DIY Aligners Are Equally Productive
    • Invisalign Are Costlier Than Traditional Braces
    • Invisalign can be Bought Online
    • Invisalign Treatment is Not for Complex Cases
    • Not Much Oral Hygiene is Needed for Invisalign Aligners
    • Invisalign Treatment Takes More/Less Time Than Traditional Braces
    • Invisalign Can be Used Only by Adults
    • People With Invisalign Face Speech Issues
    • Knowledge of All Orthodontists is the Same Regarding Invisalign Treatment

Parting Words!

Now that you know the facts about Invisalign, you shouldn’t keep thinking that is Invisalign worth it or not. You can go to your orthodontist without any hesitation and ask if you can get this treatment.

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